The Best Paddle Boards for the Best Paddle Adventures

The Best Paddle Boards for the Best Paddle Adventures

By Ash Sanders
July 08, 2019

Want to glide on the waters of a cool mountain lake? Race your friends across a reservoir? Camp on the edge of a river? Perfect your downward dog—with your dog in tow? You can do all this and more on a paddleboard! As this summer activity grows in popularity, the types of boards and paddles available are growing right along with it. There are inflatable boards for hikers who like to travel with a personal boat on their backs; wide boards that can accomodate the whole family; boards designed for fishing; and boards designed for a night under the stars. With so many options, it’s easy to get dazzled—or confused. Use our handy guide to find the perfect board for the perfect activity and location. Any of the boards mentioned below can be rented at AJ Motion Sports if you aren't ready to take the plunge and buy one yet.

  • Stage S10 Lite

Perfect Getaway: Backpacking Trip to a Lake in the Uintas

Reservoirs are mob scenes in the summer. So why not get away from it all and find some water to call your own? The Stage S10 Lite boards are perfect for a high-altitude lake getaway. At just fourteen pounds and 32” wide, these inflatable boards come with their own backpack. Just strap on the pump, strap the paddles to the side, and head for the hills. When you reach the peak, reward yourself with a peaceful paddle on the lake at dusk. Can you say motivation?

  • Stage F10

Perfect Getaway: Bass Fishing at Sand Hollow

Sand Hollow is teaming with bass. But if you want to catch a big one, ditch that clunky fishing boat. Next time you set out to wrangle a whopper, hop on a Stage F10. With two rod holders and a couple of side chambers for extra stability, this board is equally perfect for kicking back, relaxing, and reeling in your next meal. Plus, it maneuvers like a charm. So what are you waiting for? Get gone fishing! Contact JB at Kraken Bass if you need a guide in the area.

  • Stage Y10

Perfect Getaway: Mid-Lake Yoga Practice

You can balance in crow and bend like a pretzel—but can you walk (or downward dog, or warrior pose) on water? With the Stage Y10, the answer is yes. With a wider deck, no center handle and an ergonomic shape, this board is designed to give you maximum balance—and maximum oohs and ahs from the doubters back on shore. Perfect for beginners, old pros and enlightened beings, the Stage Y10 will have old and young saying aquatic namastes in no time flat. Practice your poses and then take it public at Quail Creek near St George, Tibble Fork in American Fork Canyon, or even the Homestead Crater.

  • Stage Blue Whale

Perfect Getaway: Family Reunion Extravaganza

So you’ve landed the unenviable job of planning the next family bash, and now you have to figure out a way to keep youngsters, teens and adults occupied for a whole day without fights, squabbles or—worse—the threat of boredom. The solution? A paddle board big enough to party on. The Stage Blue Whale is a true titan of a board, with room for up to eight people. So round up the troops, divvy up paddles and send them off on an obstacle course, lake race or feat-of-strength-off. They’ll be occupied all day. And with all that working together, they might even learn there’s no “I” in team.

  • Stage X10

Perfect Getaway: Water Camping

You’ve gone river rafting, and you’ve gone camping, but have you camped on a river? With the Stage X10, you can do both at the same time. With its high weight capacity, flotation chambers and a wide, stable design, this board can hold you, your gear and a boatload (literally) of granola bars as you float down your favorite lazy river. When you're done charting the waters, simply head for shore and tie off to a tree, then fall asleep on Mother Nature’s waterbed. Look for lakes & rivers with no rapids and reservable campsites or lakes where camping is permitted from shore—then rock on, baby. Rock on.

Not feeling the river guide vibes? Take the X10 and your crush to Causey or Tibble Fork reservoir for a day of paddling and picnicking. The X10’s wider board and natural stability is great for taking your trusty pup or maybe even a kid!

  • Stage S10 With Switchblade Paddle

Perfect Getaway: A Water Workout Weekend

You go to the gym to work on your beach body—but why not work on your beach body at the beach? Next time you want to work your biceps or get your heart pumping, get off the rowing machine and onto a lake. The S10 board is sleek, fast and perfect for a water workout—or race, or marathon, or all-day body-busting adventure. And with the double-sided Switchblade paddle, you can keep your board straight and steady without constantly switching your paddle from side to side. So go on! Go fast, get places, and stay fit.

Convinced yet? Good! Head to AJ Motion Sports to find the perfect paddle board for your next adventure—available for rent or purchase!