Utah’s Top 10 Snow Tubing and Sledding Hills

Utah’s Top 10 Snow Tubing and Sledding Hills

By Melinda Rhodes
March 10, 2021

There are two types of people in Utah: those who are on their feet lapping lifts on a powder day, and those who prefer to sit on their butts. Don’t be misled: The latter aren’t lazier or lamer than all the skiers and snowboarders out there. They are savvy sliders who know you don’t have to go broke to enjoy the Greatest Snow on Earth. They also know where the best snow tubing and sledding hills are. Spoiler alert: So do we! And we’re sharing these totally tubular places with you.

1. Soldier Hollow |2002 Soldier Hollow Lane, Midway| Prices Vary

Size does matter. And with 1,200 feet of slidable snow, Soldier Hollow’s lanes are some of the longest in Utah. By day or by night, you can race your friends and family individually or hook a couple of tubes together and go tandem. (It’s one of the few places where tube chains are allowed.) Take the magic carpet or bootpack up the hill if you’re feeling ambitious.

2. Woodward Park City | 3863 Kilby Road, Park City| Prices Vary

Just like blue is the new black, Woodward Park City is the new Gorgoza Park. That’s right. Woodward has seven lighted lanes, four of which are similar in length to Soldier Hollow, but it’s much more than just a tubing park. This year-round sports facility also has a terrain park on its outdoor winter campus, as well as Olympic-grade trampolines and a parkour zone inside. It’s a great way to entertain kids of all ages (adults, too!) for a few hours … or a few days. Staycation, anyone?

3. Mueller Junior High School | 955 E 1800 S, Bountiful| Free

If you’ve ever schlepped your lawn chairs around Mueller Jr. High trying to figure out what soccer field your kid is playing on, you already know this place is tiered. Awful in the aforementioned scenario. Awesome for snowy sliders. There are several different hills both above and below the school so you can spread out.

4. Rock Canyon Park |2620 N 1200 E, Provo| Free

Rock and bowl. Located at the base of Timpview Mountain, bowl-shaped Rock Canyon Park has long paths with jumps and shorter, smoother runs. It satisfies both the brave and the not-so-brave of heart. A flat area in the middle is perfect for making snow angels while resting between runs.

5. Wasatch Parc |3567 Nordic Valley Way, Eden| Prices Vary

The tubing lanes at Wasatch Parc are ahead of the curve. Literally. While most hills have straight lanes, the two at Wasatch Parc have banked corners and snake their way down to the rubber mats that act as brakes at the bottom. Take the tow rope back up to the top and repeat. If you need to warm up between runs, Nordic Valley’s ski lodge is just a few minutes away by foot.

6. Sugar House Park |1330 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City| Free

Two words: hilly haven. Sugar House Park spans 110 acres in a hip, historic neighborhood. Don your slouchy beanie and head on over there when the patchwork of picnic blankets is replaced by one giant blanket of wintery white, transforming it into a sledding smorgasbord. The most popular hill is near 13th East, but the one near 17th East is also fun.

7. Donut Falls Sledding Area | 9 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake City | Free

To be clear, this sledding hill is not actually at the waterfall of the same name. It’s located about a quarter mile from the parking lot. There’s a short, smooth hill the ‘lils love and more extreme hills with bumps and jumps that keep the bigs entertained. Helmets are always a good idea on the slopes, but are especially important if you expect to get big air on runs like these.

8. Brian Head Tubing Park |329 UT-143, Brian Head| Prices Vary

The beauty of dropping 100 vertical feet in a tenth of a mile on Brian Head’s Big Steps? You can ride the magic carpet back up. This is especially appealing considering this mountain resort sits 9,600 feet above sea level and gets over 360 inches of snow annually. For more chill and less thrill, check out the Navajo.

9. Mountain Dell Golf Course | Exit 134 on I-80, Parley’s Canyon| Free

While you can go sledding on any of the rolling fairways found at Mountain Dell Golf Course, it’s the long hill behind the clubhouse where most people are found. The hike back up to the top takes a while, but the surrounding scenery is so stunning that walking slowly is encouraged.

10. Rohmer Park |1400 E 350 S, Washington Terrace| Free

Where is Washington Terrace, you ask? Right next door to South Ogden. Rohmer Park, perched above the Weber River, is shaped like an amphitheater with baseball diamonds as its stage. Make your entrance by tube or toboggan, saucer or snow scooter. Pro tip: Steer clear of the scoreboards and hay bales unless you want to break a leg in a more than metaphorical kinda way.

There are dozens more amazing places where you can go tubing in Utah. The area surrounding the Art Nord Trailhead in Huntsville deserves an honorable mention, as does West Bountiful City Park in Davis County. Find your favorite place and let it slide.