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Whoa There, Stop for the Millard County Fair

By Karli Davis
May 09, 2024

Get Millard County Fair Dates!

We know where the fairest of fairs in Utah and rodest of rodeos in Utah are. 

Utah’s wicki-wicki, wild, wild, west. Where geode hunters and wild horses roam free, where hot springs bubble among rugged peaks, where dark skies twinkle above a Great Basin. A place where the ice cream flows like sarsaparilla, where cowboys in chaps instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. A little place called Millard County, y’all. 

Millard County Fair: A Freaking Two-fer

The Millard County Fair wrangles two bulls with one rope by having two separate events. The Days of the Old West Rodeo at the Delta fairgrounds in June has carnival rides and cowboys. But the buck definitely doesn’t stop there. The second half of the fair at Fillmore’s Old Capitol Arts and Living History Festival in September has historic activities, food and family-friendly entertainment.

Be sure to check out Millard County’s page to know which artists, food, entertainment and events you can count on for the June or September dates. 

Days of the Old West Rodeo: End of June

Head to Millard County Fairgrounds in Delta, Utah, to the Ride ‘Em Boys rodeo. 

The Days of the Old West Rodeo hosts this popular PRCA event. That stands for Party Riders Cuddling Animals. Kidding! It stands for Pretty Rodeo-ers in Chassless Apps. JK, again! It stands for Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, one of the largest rodeo organizations in the world. Pretty Rad, (don’t) Choo Agree?

Fans can gather to cheer on their favorite chaps — er — cowboys as they compete in familiar events like steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, barrel racing and bull riding. But fans won’t be watching professional buckaroos only. 

The whole family will enjoy watching — or participating — in a variety of events. There’s the horse parade, the annual Poker Trail Ride, the Jr. Rodeo and the Tough Enough to Wear Pink night. But there’s plenty more to see, eat, ride and lasso.   

Days West Rodeo Tickets

Entertainment, Freebies and Food

There are various shows and events that will keep every family member entertained. There may  be stand up comedy acts, magic shows, the Miss Millard Pageant, tractor pulls, corn hole toss and animal showmanship contests. You could see goat shows, hog markets or a poultry judging contest. Loudest clucker gets a gift card to KFC! Wait … party fowl.

There will be food competitions, of course, because humans evolved to sniff out the best treats in the land. There’s no food fighting at Millard County Fair, but there might be heated debates about whose cobbler was most divine at the Dutch Oven Contest. The judges are sweet, though. You know what else is sweet? All the food vendors at the fair are Millard County locals. And something sweeter — the fair provides free ice cream for the public. 

Y’all ready for the REAL rodeo? Carnival rides have entered the chat. 

Mid-thirties moms and dads, it’s time to prove you’re still cool. Hop on the Round-Up — aka the Vertigo. You know the one … where you’re pressed against the wall of a giant barrel and it just spins. And spins. And spins. Ah, screw it. We know this is a barrel race to the bottom. Let the tweens enjoy this one.

The good news is that there are carnival rides for everyone. Maybe some mini swings or tea cups for the tots, carousels and super slides for those that want fun without their stomach in knots, games and concessions for those that just wanna chill with a well-deserved prize. And a corn dog. Definitely a corn dog. 

Old Capitol Arts and Living History Festival: September

For the second act of Millard County Fair, ride on over to The Territorial Statehouse and State Park in Fillmore, aka the Old Capitol of Utah. It’s a tad easier to get to than Delta, since it’s pretty close to I-15. This once small festival to appreciate local artists has expanded to appreciate all sorts of local talent and history.

This festival and fair combo celebrates Utah’s pioneer heritage with local musicians, activities for kids, living history, entertainment and great food. The park has two stages that always have some form of entertainment going. Even if you don’t spend any money on the delicious food (shame), you’ve got a free show to go to! Some of the shows may cost a small fee, but they’re worth it!

The fair has had a broad range of musicians throughout the years. Brenn Hill, a singer/songwriter that paints pictures of cowboy life. Many Strings & Co, a whimsical duo singing cowboy tunes and mountain man blues. Los Hermanos De Los Andes, an Andean folk band formed in the Rockies. Nino Reyos and Native American Dance Stories, teachers of indigenous craft, stories, dance and music. The list goes on! 

There are usually around 50 artists and artisans, either displaying artwork at the Fine Art Show or selling handmade goodies at the festival. There’s also the Quilt Exhibit, with displays from the talented artists from the local Quilt Guild. Fillmore may be small, but it sure is filled with the finest of artists. 

Fillmore also has food artists! And food growers. And food lovers. The farmers market is a fun addition to the Arts and Living History Festival. Where else are you going to buy the best local desserts and other baked goods? Millard County, don’t you hold out on us! The vendors at this fall time festival will be showing off their fruit and vegetable harvests, so be sure to get a gourd look around.    

The living history activities are cool enough for every member of your wagon. Think kids these days are too cool for Lincoln Logs? Think again. In fact, they know they’d be less cool if they didn’t build giant Lincoln Logs homes at the Millard County Fair. It’s what the pioneers would have wanted. Other activities include broom-making and mountain men camp. Because yes, Jebediah absolutely needs to take his turn sweeping. It’s 1899, after all. 

One of Our Fave Fairs in Utah

“But small towns are boooooring.” Bull! We’ve heard that before. Maybe you just haven’t found the right chaps yet, cuz your road trip to the Millard County Fair is gonna buck you back to your senses. Not only will you be met with good old-fashioned hospitality, you’ll be met with good old-fashioned adventure and good old-fashioned fun. There aren’t many places you can hunt for fossils, summit remote peaks, join a roundup and ride a ferris wheel within the same day.

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