Zion: Where Your Kids Will Take Theirs

Zion: Where Your Kids Will Take Theirs

By Chad Taylor & Jake Wilhelmsen
May 14, 2018

Who knew that by staying at a luxury guest ranch on the east border of Zion National Park you’d be doing your part to conserve this area for generations to come? Winning!

You put olives on your fingers and peas up your nose every Thanksgiving because your cousin did one year and it was comedy gold. You go to Zion every spring because you still remember how it felt the first time you rolled out of your tent to a red-rock sunrise. You don't plan family traditions. They just happen.

Zion Mountain Ranch represents the epitome of a good steward. They take the good fortune of being located next to Utah’s most popular national park seriously. They want Zion National Park to last as long as your digital photos that reside in the cloud. These good folks don’t just encourage recreation in the park, but active appreciation of it. Here are a couple of their initiatives:

Zion Forever Project

The park’s official non-profit organization supports programs and strategies that protect the integrity of the Zion experience for generations to come. The various projects span resource preservation, visitor experience, and nexgen education strategies that will make a difference now and forever. Zion Mountain Ranch donates $5 for every room night to this cause. This contribution helps supplement these initiatives that ofttimes fall outside of the federal budget.

Commitment to Conservation

This is much more than just the convenient sign asking whether or not you want a new towel or want to “conserve” by using your current towel. Not that there’s anything wrong with that endeavor. Zion Mountain Ranch considers everything: the materials used in their garden (which supports their farm-to-table food preparation), the products used to clean the rooms and common areas, the light the resort puts off at night, and even the radio frequencies used for WiFi. Not bad tradeoffs for enabling guests to enjoy views of passing bison, eagles, deer and other wildlife from the comfort of their accommodation’s front porch.

So, why else would you stay at Zion Mountain Ranch?

The Location

Zion Mountain Ranch sits on the east side of the park as opposed to the busy little town of Springdale. It’s five minutes from the entrance and some of the park’s less-visited landmarks and less-hiked trails. The other advantage of staying on Zion’s east side is that you’re closer to neighboring destinations like Bryce Canyon, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Lake Powell, and even Grand Canyon National Park.

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The Cabins

No hotel rooms here – just exquisitely appointed private cabins and prodigious lodges. Ranging from 300 to 3,200 square feet, these abodes are chock full of modern amenities and rustic charm.

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The Activities

Zion isn’t just pretty to look at. It’s meant to be enjoyed (responsibly). Whether it’s horseback riding through the mountains surrounding Zion, canyoneering in some of her most famous slot canyons, or hiking the amazing trails, the guides at Zion Mountain Ranch will make sure you get a memorable experience with a side of expert knowledge.

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