Zion's 5 Best Short & Easy Hikes

Zion's 5 Best Short and Easy Hikes

By Utah.com
July 07, 2023

Sometimes a leisurely stroll through ancient seabeds, eroding plateaus and sedimentation is just what your overworked, overstimulated soul needs. Or maybe you’ve got the littles in tow, and they’re not too keen on those 17-milers (yet). Lucky for you, Zion is generous with its selection of short hikes with jaw-dropping views in other words, big rewards with little effort.

5. The Watchman | 3 Miles Round Trip | Easy | 1 Hour

The Watchman | Zion National Park

Life regret: Wishing you would have gone to university and studied something sciency like geology, but instead you went all accounting or lawyering like a sucker. Well, here’s your chance to see all the geological wonders your inner child will thank you for along with your actual children.

This 3-foot wide trail winds through the foothills with views of Bridge Mountain, The Watchman, the Virgin River and the Towers of the Virgin. Switchbacks reveal views of stratified rock layers and overhanging cliffs.


Park at the Watchman Campground visitor center and simply walk to the trailhead from there.


  • Water: there is NO drinking water source along this trail
  • Hat and sunscreen: vegetation immediately surrounding the trail doesn’t offer much shade; avoid going in the middle of the day, if possible
  • Snacks: reward yourself for completing such a short and easy hike

Post-Hike Rejuvenation

Refuel at Oscar's Cafe because Whoop Burger (jalapeños ignite), grilled portobello and avocado (natural powerhouse), chili verde tamales (homemade sauce heaven), and Mucho Nachos (because kids will eat anything smothered in cheese).

4. West Bank of the Virgin River | 2.6 Miles One Way | Easy | 1-1.5 Hours

West Bank of the Virgin River | Zion National Park

Since you’re the hippiest (not hippest) parent in the land, you’re going to make your children get out of that earth-hating, polluting car and walk Zion Canyon the park’s aorta. But they’ll thank you, because the trail is well-used, level and straight-up gorgeous. Start at the Court of the Patriarchs up Zion Canyon Road, and end at the Grotto trailhead. This trail also accesses the trailhead for the Emerald Pools trail. What to expect on this trail: birds and mule deer, along with views of Mount Majestic, Cathedral Mountain, the Spearhead and the Great White Throne.


At the Court of the Patriarchs viewpoint up Zion Canyon (take the shuttle between April and October).


  • Water: the Virgin River is always flowing, but you’ll want a filter if you plan on drinking river water
  • Hat and sunscreen: plenty of shade, but plenty of sun too; you’ll be in and out of both
  • Sketch pad and watercolors: fulfill your childhood dream that you didn’t pursue becoming an artist

Post-Hike Overachievers Rejoice

Drop those kiddos off to guarantee their successful future as naturalists that history will revere: space camp, geology camp, paleontology camp, desert birds camp, desert animal camp, desert plants camp + zip line, climbing wall, trampoline bungee, rafting and all the fun things. Thank you, Zion Ponderosa Ranch.

3. Lower Emerald Pool | 1.2 Miles Round Trip | Easy | 0.5 Hours

Lower Emerald Pool | Zion National Park

Easiest of easy, this little hike is paved and wide. You’ll have no problems navigating or getting to your final destination. Zion is probably the most generous of national parks always handing out life-changing views to every single visitor.

The Lower Pool trail is stroller/wheelchair-friendly, and you could even tote a wagon with a picnic lunch. But, please resist the urge to splash about in the water the surrounding landscape is very fragile and many laboring hours and dollars have contributed to restoration efforts.

If you have more time, energy and steady feet, you might want to trek on to the Middle and Upper Pools. The Middle Pool trail is 1.9 miles round trip; the Upper Pool trail is 2.5 miles round trip. Keep in mind, the trails are unpaved sandstone and follow a rocky path.


On the opposite side of the road from Zion Lodge.


  • Water: Don’t drink water from the Emerald Pools, please.

Sleep Next to the River

That water is pretty magical, right? Lucky for you and the littles, you can set up a tent next to the Virgin River, up close and personal, if you stay at Zion River Resort. If a tent ain’t your thing, there are cabins for your I-need-a-darn-good-mattress needs.

2. Water Canyon | 2 Miles Round Trip | Moderate | 0.75-1.25 Hours

Water Canyon trail leads to a slot canyon (with the option to go above and beyond to Canaan Mountain, but that requires more skill and desert navigating know-how). The canyon is a mini Subway experience, with tunneled walls and just a trickle of water. Be careful of slick rock covered in wet, mossy algae. This is a great trail for families with older children who will enjoy a bit of a technical challenge.


Take State Route 59 east from Hurricane to the town of Hildale, then turn east on Utah Avenue and follow it to Short Canyon. Turn right onto Water Canyon Road until you get to a pond. The trail starts at the upper side of the pond.


  • Water: pack your own or bring a filter as Water Canyon always has water go figure
  • Shoes that can get wet/damp: old tennis/running shoes work great and dry out pretty well

Bucket List Addiction

Now that you’ve had a taste of slot canyon wonder, you might want to try out some of Zion’s most legendary canyons (the Narrows or the Subway). Take a guide, and you’ll be well on your way to bucket list completion.

1. Northgate Peaks | 4.4 Miles Round Trip | Easy | 2 Hours

This is an easy and scenic trail for sure, but it’s in a remote location of the park (Kolob Canyon) which is a bonus in our misanthropic book of get-us-away-from-all-the-crowds preferences. You’ll trek through Navajo sandstone, sage meadows and pretty pines. And there’s more: lava outcrops and knock-your-socks-off views of Northgate Peaks, as well as the North Guardian Angel.


Wildcat Canyon trailhead, located at mile 16 up Kolob Reservoir Road


  • Water: water sources are intermittent
  • Snacks: the trip might be ruined if someone were to get hangry

Post-Hike Pool and Hot Tub

Congratulations. You were wise enough to choose a home base with a pool and hot tub at the Desert Pearl Inn. After the longest of short hikes in the desert, you’re going to love sitting in an authentic oasis of the prettiest magnitude.