Alpine Pond Nature Trail

This easy loop trail runs through the forest and along the rim of Cedar Breaks National Monument, providing outstanding views of the “Breaks.” You also pass meadows of wildflowers and a alpine pond. Mule deer and other animals are often seen along the trail.

Upper Trailhead

(37.6416, -112.822)

This trail is located just west of Hwy 148, and it roughly parallels the road. From the upper parking area a 1-mile (round trip) loop extends down to the Alpine Pond area.

Alpine Pond

(37.6365, -112.824)

This small, natural pond is located in the middle portion of the hike. It is a serene spot that draws a wide variety of animals and birds. Wildflowers are abundant here.

Lower Trailhead

(37.631, -112.832)

From the lower trailhead a 1-mile loop extends up to the Alpine Pond area. You can hike both the upper and lower loops (2 miles round trip), or shorten the trek by hiking just one. You can start at the top or bottom and hike either direction.

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