Cedar Canyon Walking Trail 

This is a paved walking trail along the banks of Coal Creek, on the east side of Cedar City. It runs from the baseball fields through the Canyon Parks complex and up the canyon for approximately two miles. Drinking fountains and benches can be found along the trail. There is a visitor center. This trail can be accessed from many points. For more information call 435-586-5124.

You can hike it out and back, or make it a one-way hike by having a vehicle pick you up at a designated point.

Baseball Fields

(37.681035, -113.057681)

The west end of the trail is at the Baseball fields, at approximately 200 N 200 E. From there it runs in a SE direction to Center Street.

Canyon Parks

(37.676917, -113.053956)

The trail runs through the Canyon Park, 500 E Center Street, allowing easy access in multiple points.

Canyon Trailhead

(37.672822, -113.031878)

The trail follows Coal Creek into Cedar Canyon. It runs along the south side of the creek, which is just south of Hwy 14. The trail ends about 2 miles into the canyon.

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