Jardine Juniper Trail

Juniper trees can grow to an astounding old age. Not as old as bristlecone pine trees, but old nevertheless. The Jardine Juniper is thought to be about 3,000 years old. It is gnarled and weather-beaten, with sparse green growth, but still alive.

A trail leads to it from Logan Canyon, climbing through forest and providing wonderful views of the canyon and the Bear River Mountains.


(41.797466, -111.644537)

The trailhead is at the Wood Camp turn-off, about 10 miles up Logan Canyon, on the west side of the road. From there, a signed trail leads to the NE, up the ridge.

Jardine Juniper

(41.815869, -111.632722)

The tree is located on an exposed ridgeline, almost 1,700 feet higher than the highway. So, you gain considerable elevation over the course of the hike.

Our recommended route is out and back, so just return the way you came in.

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