Naomi Peak Trail

Naomi Peak (9,980 feet) stands higher than everything else in the Bear River Range and the Mount Naomi Wilderness. For the first quarter mile, the trail to White Pine Lake and Naomi Peak are the same path. At a junction of trails, a sign points west to Naomi Peak. Entering a predominantly coniferous forest--pine, spruce, fir--the trail gains altitude, eventually breaking out into open meadows. At 1.25 miles, the trail reaches a rocky ledge overlooking a subalpine basin, and continues to a saddle, then up a rocky ridge where, at about two miles, the summit of Naomi appears. Trees now are stunted by harsh living conditions. At about the three miles, the trail tops out at the divide of the Bear River Range, a sign marks the boundary of the Mount Naomi Wilderness, and the peak is not far to the north. Not blatantly obvious, the path does reach the summit, and the route, if not the trail, in almost all circumstances, is plain to see. As with, it seems, all "highest points," the rewards of being there are worth the effort.


(41.891028, -111.637749)

Naomi Peak

(41.912338, -111.675125)

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