Old Ephraim's Grave

Old Ephraim was the last known grizzly bear in Utah. He was notorious for killing sheep and other livestock and a bounty was placed on his head. His death in 1923 has come to symbolize the end of an era - the taming of the West. He was a legend some hated to see die. A stone marker has been placed at the spot where the huge bear was killed.

The trail to the marker is scenic and is popular with hikers and bikers. It winds through meadows and forest, above the Right Fork of Logan Canyon.


(41.77749, -111.620484)

The trailhead is at Lodge Campground, on the Right Fork in Logan Canyon. From downtown Logan, follow Hwy 89 to the northeast and turn onto the paved Right Fork Road about 9 miles up Logan Canyon. Drive the Right Fork Road for about a mile and then turn left at the first junction; continue to the campground. The trail is well-marked and easy to follow.

Ephraim's Grave

(41.763784, -111.543753)

The bear stood almost 10 feet tall, and the rock marker at the site is supposed to show his actual height.

We have written this as an out-and-back hike, returning the way you came in. There are options to turn it into a longer, loop hike. If you are interested in doing that, get a good map to chart your route.

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