Logan River Fishing

Logan River is a blue-ribbon trout stream - one of the best in the Intermountain Region. It comes out of a canyon to the northeast of Logan and is accessible via US Hwy 89. The river provides about 30 miles of easily accessible, quality roadside trout fishing.

Brown and rainbow trout are commonly caught on the lower river and in the impoundments, which are called First, Second and Third dams. Some years ago a 37 3/4-pound brown trout was pulled from First Dam; nice browns are occasionally caught in the lower river but fish of that size are not expected today. The impoundments are stocked heavily with catchable rainbows for summer fishing and are great places to fish with kids.

Above the impoundments the river is primarily a wild trout stream. Browns and cutthroats both reproduce well in its crystal clear waters. Cutthroats are dominant in the higher reaches.

The Logan is a wonderful fly fishing stream. Caddis flies are common and trout feed on them heavily. Elk hair and other standard caddis imitations are usually good beginning about mid-July. Blue-wings and midge patterns also work well, even when the weather turns cold. Standard nymph patterns like pheasant tail, chamois caddis and cased caddis are very effective. Fall is one of the best times to go after big browns on the river because browns spawn here in the late fall and early winter.

The river is virtually un-fishable from late May through most of June because of snowmelt runoff.

Special regulations

Regular Utah trout and whitefish regulations are in effect from Card Canyon Bridge downstream to Cutler Marsh, including all 3 impoundments: The trout limit is 4 fish.

From Card Canyon Bridge upstream to the bridge at Red Banks Campground, including all tributary streams in between: Artificial flies and lures only, trout and whitefish (in aggregate) limit, 2.

From the highway bridge at Red Banks upstream to the Idaho state line, including all tributaries: Closed January 1 through 6 a.m. on the second Saturday of July; trout and whitefish (in aggregate) limit, 2.

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