Logan Canyon Snowmobile Complex

This area is included in our Hardware Ranch, Monte Cristo and Logan Canyon group of snowmobile complexes.

The Logan Canyon Snowmobile Complex is one of northern Utah's unique recreation treasures. Some 180 miles of well-groomed snowmobile trails wind through the Wasatch-Cache National Forest and provide snowmobiling opportunities that are consistently included in lists of the West's top riding areas.

At the heart of this complex is Beaver Creek Lodge and Garden City. Visitors enjoy the services provided and the excellent scenic views and riding opportunities this area has to offer. Since this is a critical wintering area for wildlife, snowmobilers are cautioned to stay on the designated trails.

Below are some specific items of interest about the trails included in the Logan Canyon complex. Check with local U.S. Forest Service offices for trail guides and travel maps of ungroomed trails and other areas open to snowmobile use.

Heading north from Hardware Ranch, this trail features gradual climbs and falls through the trees. This trail is especially scenic and uncrowded, making it a favorite of local riders. Access to some of the best play and hill climbing areas in the region are via this trail.

The Temple Canyon Trail is a moderately difficult trail considered a favorite by local riders. The trail is groomed weekly and receives relatively little use. Deep powder play areas near Temple Flat and wildlife watching opportunities near the eastern end of the trail combined to make this an excellent opportunity for intermediate riders.

This moderately difficult trail is twisty and narrow in spots as it climbs from Garden City to the Sinks area. Near Garden City riders may have the opportunity to see wintering wildlife. Riders are encouraged to observe wildlife from a distance to avoid disturbing them. The trail receives moderate use, but provides access to several popular play areas, as well as access to visitor services in Garden City. Inspiring views of the Bear Lake Valley are available from the trail. Drifting along the trail is a concern in several locations and riders are cautioned to be aware of changing conditions.

The Amazon Trail is an easy, well-groomed trail ideal for beginning to intermediate riders. The trail provides access to the Beaver Creek Lodge for riders coming from Garden City and the other eastern slope trailheads. The first mile of the trail (from the east) is narrow and moderately steep and is prone to occasional drifting. The second mile is heavily wooded and provides excellent mountain riding.

The Beaver Creek Trail originates near the Beaver Creek Lodge and provides a connection between the Utah and Idaho trail systems. This trail receives a lot of use and is groomed frequently. Restrooms, food, fuel, rentals and lodging are available at the Beaver Creek Lodge. This sometimes narrow trail provides numerous play opportunities in bowls of deep powder.

The Franklin Basin Trail provides an interconnection to the Idaho snowmobile trail system. This wide, easy trail receives high use by both Utah and Idaho snowmobilers, though use declines in the higher parts of the trail. This trail is groomed frequently, but snowmobilers may encounter frequent drifting and should be prepared for changing conditions.

The Tony Grove Trail provides excellent mountain trail riding opportunities as it climbs through the twisty canyon between Logan Canyon and Tony Grove Lake. This is a popular destination trail with a nice play area at Tony Grove Lake. Snowmobilers are cautioned to stay out of the Mount Naomi Wilderness Area to the northwest of the lake.

These trails are groomed by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. For information on current conditions and other riding opportunities in Idaho, please contact them at (208) 334-4199.

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