Devils Kitchen

The Devils Kitchen is a scenic red rock off the Nebo Scenic Loop. It offers pillars and other interesting rock formations. It somewhat resembles a miniature Bryce Canyon.

The trail is short, well-maintained and easy to hike. It runs through a beautiful forest to a observation platform on the edge of the red rock area.


(39.8049, -111.689)

To reach the trailhead from Payson, follow Nebo Loop road into Payson Canyon and then up the mountain. The trailhead is about 28 miles from the mouth of the canyon. It is clearly signed. You can also reach the trailhead by driving up the Nebo Loop road from the Nephi side.


(39.8036, -111.688)

From the trailhead, follow the obvious, signed trail south into the forest. The trail is easy to follow and is more of a stroll than a hike.

Devils Kitchen

(39.8032, -111.687)

The Devils Kitchen is an amazing site, with red rock and red dirt on top of a mountain in the middle of a beautiful forest.

The entire Nebo Loop is a very scenic mountain drive, particular during the fall when colors are changing. If you are driving the Loop, the Devils Kitchen is a must-see attraction, well worth the few minutes required to hike to the overlook.

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