Provo River Waterfalls

The Provo River tumbles over a series of scenic waterfalls as it flows along Hwy 150 in the Uinta Mountains. A signed parking area and overlook are provided along the highway. A short trail leads from the overlook down to the river. Spur trails run up and down the river to the waterfalls.

During the heat of summer it fun to wade, but the water is so cold you won't want to stay in it for very long. The current is swift during early summer so take care. During late summer and fall the water flow may be low, but the falls will still be impressive.

This area is very scenic, in a tall fir forest with craggy peaks in the background. Wildlife is commonly seen in the area. Just driving Hwy 150 is a great experience, and it is even more fun when you get out and hike to beautiful points along the way.

Parking Area and Overlook

(40.6575, -110.946)

From Kamas, drive Hwy 150 east for about 23.5 miles to the parking area. Follow the obvious path to the overlook.

Upper Falls

(40.6579, -110.947)

From the overlook, a trail descends to the river. It is steep but short and relatively easy to follow.

Lower Falls

(40.6565, -110.946)

Trails run up and down the river to the various waterfalls. Some try to just hike up or down the river, but that is very difficult. It is much easier to follow the established trails.

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