Y Trail On Y Mountain

An easy albeit steep trail runs from the east side of Provo up to the block Y on the mountain. It is a very popular hike for college students and families. From the Y you get great views of the Provo area and Utah Lake.

The Y is made of concrete that is whitewashed regularly. A nearby generator is used to light it up during special BYU activities. The block letter is 380 feet high and 180 feet wide, and is said to be the largest collegiate symbol in the United States.

The trail to the Y is well-marked and easy to hike.

Y Trailhead

(40.2448, -111.627)

To reach the trailhead, drive 900 East, Provo, to 820 North. Turn east onto 820 North and follow it as it veers left and becomes Oakmont Lane. Continue up Oakmont Lane and then turn right onto Oakcliff Drive. Turn right where Oakcliff Drive Ts against Terrace Drive and Terrace Drive south to the trailhead access.

From the trailhead, follow the obvious trail, which runs south and then loops back as it climbs.

The Y

(40.2483, -111.621)

The trail uses switchbacks to climb the side of the mountain, gaining 980 feet elevation gain. Water is not available along this trail so carry all you will need. After relaxing and enjoying the view, return the way you came up.

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