So back in the day you loved Glenn Miller, danced the foxtrot and floating in salty waters on hot summer days? Where did a land-locked Utahn do such things? Oh, only here at the west's "Coney Island" Saltair pavilion. It was also one of the very first amusement parks where families made it their favorite destination west of New York. Seriously.

The Saltair pavilion you see today is the third building. The first (completed in 1893) went down in a blaze of glory (in 1925). Saltair 2.0 suffered more fire damage in 1931, closed during World War II, and was razed by arson in 1970. The current (third) Saltair was built in 1981 out of a salvaged Air Force aircraft hangar. Flooding from the lake was an immediate problem. Today, Saltair is a venue for music concerts that have brought in bands like Marilyn Manson, Dave Matthews Band, Kesha, Panic at the Disco and many others.

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