Anasazi Trail

This trail system includes a combination of singletrack and doubletrack along the Santa Clara River, south of the towns of Ivins and Santa Clara. Highlights include a short, rocky semi-technical section, great views of the Santa Clara River gorge, and ancient petroglyph rock art figures carved into the cliffs.

The trail follows the rim above the river. It is open desert country. Snow seldom falls here and the trail can be ridden year-round.

Considerable property development is taking place around the trailheads, so access roads may change over time.

Graveyard Trailhead
(37.135292, -113.671824)

The route runs between the Graveyard Trailhead, located south of Santa Clara, and the Anasazi Trailhead, located SW of Ivins. You can begin at either trailhead. You can ride out and back, or arrange a shuttle. Several spur trails can extend the length of the ride.

(37.152455, -113.702802)

About 1 mile east of the Anasazi trailhead there are several boulders with petroglyphs carved into the dark stone. Some are right along the trail. They are fairly obvious, but many people ride on by without noticing them. (Rock art is a fragile resource protected by law. Don't touch or vandalize the figures.)

Anasazi Trailhead
(37.162326, -113.706175)

This trailhead is located just southwest of Ivins.

This ride is in an area know as the Santa Clara River Preserve, established to protect plant and animal life and archaeological resources. Stay on established trails and respect the land.

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