Johnson Canyon Trail

Johnson Canyon Trail is a short, but exciting hike at the mouth of Snow Canyon State Park. It boasts a natural spring, black lava flows, red-rock walls, cottonwood and willow glades, and an impressive arch near the end. There are only minor up-and-downs on this route; the trail gains almost nothing in elevation between the road and the arch.
This trail is closed annually from March 15th to October 31st.
Parking Area
(37.178159, -113.645362)
The parking area is adjacent to the south entrance station, adjacent to the restrooms. The trailhead is on the east side of the road, but the parking area is across the street.
Johnson Canyon Trailhead
(37.178268, -113.644525)
The trail heads east from this point, approaching and then hugging the reaching walls of Snow Canyon, before it disappears into the depths of Johnson Canyon.
Johnson Canyon Arch
(37.181199, -113.634856)
With a 200-foot span, the Johnson Canyon Arch is one of the largest in the area.

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