Petrified Dunes Trail

The Petrified Dunes Trail in Snow Canyon State Park leads visitors through some rugged terrain that consists of the once-flowing mountains of sand. The trail begins on the Snow Canyon Drive, just north of the picnic areas of the Upper and Lower Galoots. The half-mile trail goes down through the Petrified Dunes, exploring the mounds and crevices of Navajo sandstone, and then connects at the junction to the Three Ponds Trail close to the Hidden Pinyon Overlook.
Petrified Dunes Trailhead
(37.215624, -113.643948)
The trailhead is located on the west side of the road, at the northern end of the dunes.
Butterfly Trail
(37.215564, -113.644561)
The Butterfly Trail connects to the Petrified Dunes Trail almost at its trailhead, coming down from the Lava Flow Overlook Trail above. It is a rocky trail with steep and uneven climbs.
Petrified Dunes
(37.213331, -113.647577)
Composed of the sediment of an ancient sea, the Petrified Dunes rise more than 300 feet above the surrounding canyon floor, creating a playground of upraised sandstone.
Three Ponds Trail Junction
(37.208441, -113.646878)
The south side of the Petrified Dunes abuts against the Three Ponds Trail, 3.5-mile route that takes hikers down to the far side of West Canyon.
Hidden Pinyon Overlook
(37.207431, -113.648151)
The Hidden Pinyon Overlook is at the top of a cliff that overlooks the West Canyon Road.

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