Whiptail Trail

The Whiptail Trail is a popular route for hikers, bikers, and joggers alike. It is a wide, paved trail that follows the bottom of Snow Canyon State Park, stretching from the Upper Galoot—just a little over half-way between the Cinder Cone Trail and the outskirts of Ivins—to the trailhead on South Tuacahn Parkway. The trail gains just under 500 feet in elevation as it climbs from Ivins, up past the park office and campground, and finally comes to an end at the picnic tables of the Upper Galoot.
As a hike, three miles up and three miles back, on a paved road is not that bad. There is always a plethora of bikers and joggers on the trail, those using the amazing backdrop of the canyon as their aerobic scenery of choice.
Whiptail Trailhead
(37.168693, -113.653526)
The Whiptail more or less officially begins at the intersection of Snow Canyon Drive and South Tuacahn Parkway. But the bike trail is really a 16-mile loop trail, continuing southeast into St George, and then up State Route 18 on a northerly route until it reaches the State Route18-Snow Canyon Drive junction just south of the Cinder Cone Trail. From there, bikers, or the marathon joggers, can turn south and head through Snow Canyon, to once again find themselves at the South Tuacahn Parkway.
Johnson Canyon Trail
(37.178268, -113.644525)
The trail crosses the road just a few hundred feet past the Johnson Canyon Trailhead. Johnson Canyon Trail is a short, but exciting hike at the mouth of Snow Canyon State Park. It boasts a natural spring, black lava flows, redrock walls, cottonwood and willow glades, and an impressive arch near the end.
West Canyon Road
(37.194958, -113.648388)
Just to the north of the Sand Dunes is a picnic area with restrooms. The West Canyon Trailhead and its parking lot are located here, and the Whiptail Trail parallels the West Canyon Road for a little way before the West Canyon Road veers to the northwest and the Whiptail to the east.
Hidden Pinyon Trail
(37.202158, -113.642681)
This trail leads toward the Hidden Pinyon Overlook and the Three Ponds Trail, both excellent routes for exploring and admiring the West Canyon and beyond. Whiptail crosses paths with the Hidden Pinyon Trail just past its parking lot south of the campground and park offices.
Upper Galoot-End of the Trail
(37.21342, -113.642462)
Just a little way above the Hidden Pinyon Trail, its overlook, and the Three Ponds route across West Canyon Road, the Whiptail Trail comes to and end, though hikers, bikers, and joggers can continue up the side of Snow Canyon Drive if they wish. There is a picnic area at the end of the trail, and a large sandstone island that is fun to play on. there is another picnic area, the Lower Galoot, on the immediate south side of the sandstone island, only 900 feet south of the Upper Galoot.

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