Jones Hole Trail

This hike is in a remote and scenic part of Dinosaur National Monument, in NE Utah. The trail runs from the Jones Hole federal fish hatchery down to the Green River. Vehicle access is only possible at the hatchery. The route connects with other trails, and it is possible to do extended backpacking trips in this area, but most do day hikes and return the way they came in.

There is a panel of Native American rock art along the trail. There is also a scenic waterfall just a short distance up an intersecting trail.

The stream breaths life into this area, creating an oasis overflowing with plant and animal life. Deer, small mammals, raptors and other wildlife species are commonly seen along the trail. The stream is clear and cold and supports a good trout population. Fishing is permitted with a Utah fishing license.


(40.5844, -109.055)

To reach the trailhead from the Dinosaur National Monument Quarry, drive 1 hour along the Brush Creek Road and Diamond Mountain Road to the Jones Hole National Fish Hatchery. There you will find parking, restrooms, and an information kiosk.

Rock Art

(40.568, -109.057)

The rock art is easy to see if you pay attention as you hike the trail. It is on a west cliff face.


(40.5647, -109.059)

About 1.8 miles below the hatchery you'll come to a junction with the Island Park Trail at Ely Creek. You can follow that trail .25 miles to the Ely Creek waterfall.

Green River

(40.5407, -109.06)

Continuing down the Jones Hole Trail, you'll eventually come to the Green River. That's a great place to take a break and wade in the river before returning the way you came.

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