Offroad Trails Near Arches National Park

Vehicles must stay on established roads within Arches National Park. Some park roads are unpaved and require high-clearance 4X4 vehicles. These routes lead into parts of the park where there are few visitors and extraordinary scenery. In addition, several rugged off-road trails near the park provide exquisite views of the park's natural beauty. These trails include:

A combination of several roads north of Moab and near the western boundary of Arches National Park, the Copper Ridge Trail offers prominent scenic exposures along slickrock. Approximate mileage: 64 total; 35 off-highway.

This large highland area north of the Colorado River and east of Arches National Park offers highlands as well as vanadium and uranium mines. Approximate mileage: 98 total, 30 off-highway.

This premier slickrock trail has steep climbs, descents and some edges that are not for the faint of heart. In a few places, the trail crosses the now-famous "Slickrock Bike Trail," a motorcycle and mountain-bicycle trail.

A leading trail that gives sweeping vistas of Arches National Park and the La Sal Mountain Range. Metal Masher Trail varies from easy dirt to some tall sandstone ledges, with some relatively level slickrock and sand mixed in.

Many vehicles have "bit the rocks" on the succession of rock ledges and tight turns that lead to the rim. Highlights include Devils Crack and Z-Turn.

Mainly scenic trail including Uranium Arch and others, Sevenmile Rim Trail offers an exciting slickrock sidehill and also a detour to the end of Wipe-out Trail.

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