Fiery Furnace Trail

The Fiery Furnace is routinely described as a maze, and that metaphor is fitting. A continuation of the shattered fins that make up the Devils Garden area to the west, the Furnace holds twisting and turning canyons, slot canyons, and gorges that can easily disorient even seasoned canyoneers. The sandstone takes the shape of many interesting formations, including arches, overhangs, and passages. There is no established trail within the furnace, and hikers can technically rove as many miles as they desire, crossing and recrossing their own tracks. The ranger-guided tour is approximately two miles long however.

Though it is possible to wander around the Fiery Furnace on your own, it is recommended to sign up for one of the ranger-guided tours until you have been through it enough to become familiar with the routes. Plenty of experienced outdoorsmen have gotten lost within the Furnace. Visitors (non-guided) getting permits must first watch a special, ‘minimum impact’ video, and pay a $10 fee on top of the normal park entrance fee.

The trailhead is located 14 miles up the Arches Entrance Road, between—and south of—the Devils Garden area, and the Delicate Arch formations.


There is a small road (0.2 miles long) that leads from the Entrance Road to the parking lot.


This maze of fins is nearly one mile long from north to south, and between 1/3 to 1/2 of a mile wide from east to west. Within that small space, visitors can explore new locations for hours on end.


Lomatium is just one of many canyons within the Furnace. It is a popular canyoneering route that must be done via private permit and cannot be purchased through a guide or outfitter.

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