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Do you love arches? Does every room in your house have a beautifully curved entryway? Is St. Louis at the top of your travel bucket list? Are your shoes the most supportive money can buy? Well then you’re going to love Arches National Park. This iconic western destination (a westination, if you will) is home to over 2,000 natural arches — the highest concentration of natural arches in the world. That’s more than enough to scratch your arch itch.

Even the arch-averse will find something to love about this desert gem, from the myriad of other unique rocks and landforms to the sprawling views of the surrounding La Sal mountains. Arches also boasts a rich naturalist history — writer and environmentalist Edward Abbey famously penned his book “Desert Solitaire” while working as an Arches ranger. Give it a read as you picnic in the park, and keep his words in mind as you set out for your next hike; “A man on foot, on horseback or on a bicycle will see more, feel more, enjoy more in one mile than the motorized tourists can in a hundred miles.”

Arches National Park is located in Moab, Utah, (just 30 minutes from Canyonlands National Park) and is accessible by air or car from Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Grand Junction.

Visitor Center Information and Hours

If you were expecting to enter the park by driving under a giant arch, you may be disappointed. But if you were hoping to learn more about the park, watch an informational movie, talk to a ranger or pick up some souvenirs, you’ll be happy to learn there’s a visitor center to greet you just past the park’s only entrance gate, about 5 miles north of Moab. 

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Arches Itineraries & Articles

Can you imagine if you spent your whole time in the park looking at arches and they weren’t even any of the famous ones? Just some other towering red-rock arches formed over thousands of years by the awesome might of nature? So embarrassing. Our three-day itinerary covers all the hits, so you can avoid such a mortifying fate. 

Get all the ideas you need on how to see over 2,000 arches in Arches National Park in just three days. Stick to the sched and read our helpful 3 days, 2 nights itinerary to get you started. 

Winter in Arches National Park

Wondering when to visit Arches National Park? How about winter? There’s no bigger thrill than the one you’ll get sledding down the Delicate Arch! Kidding — do NOT do that. It’s bad for the rock and every bone in your body. Instead, enjoy everything Arches has to offer in the offseason — smaller crowds, colder temps, snow on red rock and the chance for some of that increasingly elusive desert solitude.

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How-To Guide to Visiting Arches National Park

You’ve heard the expression, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” We think you should keep a similar expression in mind when planning your trip — “One man’s nice mellow hike is a family of four’s immense displeasure.” Our Arches guide has got something for everyone, from the weekenders to the wanderers. 

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Shop Arches Maps and T-Shirts

You don’t want to head into Arches without a good map, and the tear-resistant, waterproof National Geographic topographic map of Arches is one of the gooder ones, nay — the goodest! Meanwhile, you certainly don’t want to head into Arches without a good T-shirt; the kangaroo rats in the park are some pretty judgemental fashionistas. Pick up one of’s finest and funniest tees and escape their sideways glances. 

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