Canyonlands National Park Biking

Famous for its mountain biking terrain, Canyonlands offers many days of pedaling through a sunburnt strata with amazing views of canyons, buttes and pinnacle-filled basins. The 100-mile White Rim Road is the granddaddy of multi-day, canyon-country tours and is the only trail found in The Island in the Sky District. Other biking opportunities abound in the Maze District for multi-day trips. Needles is unsuitable for mountain bikes.

For more trail information in the Maze District, contact Hans Flat Ranger Station at Canyonlands National Park.

Single-track riding is not allowed within the park

Water resources are not available in the park.

Support vehicles are recommended for all multi-day riding.

All riders must remain on established roads and camp only in designated camping sites.

Make reservations well in advance to ensure availability.

Permits are required for all overnight trips in the backcountry.

Permits required for overnight trips.

Wood fires are prohibited, but charcoal fires are allowed at designated sites. A fire pan must be used and all unburned charcoal and fire debris must be removed.

Camping must be within designated areas. Camping is prohibited one mile from road, or within 300 feet of a water source. River corridor camping does not apply.

Disturbing, entering or camping within 300 feet of an archeological or historical site is prohibited.

Hunting, feeding or disturbing wildlife is prohibited.

Disturbing or collecting natural features or artifacts are prohibited.

For human waste disposal, use vault toilets where provided.

Portable toilets are required for all visitors using designated campsites in the Maze District and at the New Bates Wilson site in the Needles. Backpackers should dig a 4" to 6" deep "cat hole," at least 300 feet from water sources and campsites. Pack out toilet paper.

Pets, weapons and littering are prohibited. Pack out all garbage.

Possession or operation of a bicycle or motor vehicle off a designated road is prohibited. ATVs are not permitted.

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