Capitol Reef Area Fishing

The pristine blue waters of the Fremont River flow off Fish Lake Mountain and then cascade through the ranch country around the communities of Bicknell and Torrey. The stream offers very good trout fishing in these areas.

As the Fremont continues to flow east into the desert canyons of Capitol Reef National Park it picks up sediment and is transformed - downstream it becomes the Dirty Devil River. Like the river inside its boundaries, the park itself does not offer much in terms of sport fishing.

However, some of Utah's best trout fishing can be found nearby. Fish Lake is one of our premier fishing waters and it often produces trophy lake trout, splake and rainbows. It also offers an abundance of perch and a few big brown trout.

Boulder Mountain offers good numbers of small, high-mountain lakes filled with brook trout. Some of the lakes offer incredibly fast fishing while other lakes have slower action but offer trophy-sized fish. Some of the biggest brook trout ever caught in the U.S. have come from Boulder Mountain.

Some lakes on Boulder Mountain offer native cutthroat trout, tiger trout and splake. Small streams flowing off the mountain are teaming with trout.

Just east of Fish Lake Mountain there are two small waters that usually offer good fishing for an assortment of trout and perch. They are Mill Meadow and Forsyth reservoirs.

To the south, Capitol Reef National Park boarders Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Inside Glen Canyon, Lake Powell provides some of the best smallmouth, largemouth and striped bass fishing in the region.

Capitol Reef country offers excellent fishing opportunities.

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