Horseback Riding

Horseback riders exploring the Capitol Reef area have the opportunity to see landscapes of unrivaled diversity. From the sculptured slickrock of the Waterpocket Fold to the alpine lakes and meadows of the high plateaus, riders may follow remote trails pioneered by wildlife, Indians, herdsmen, outlaws and explorers. Punctured by a maze of canyons bounded by isolated mesas, buttes, spires and a myriad of colorful rock features, this dynamic backdrop typifies the quintessential canyon country setting - scenic, rugged and wild.

Groomed trails to popular attractions can be found inside the parks and in surrounding forests and recreation areas. You can also ride trails that are not groomed, or follow unmarked paths where you're more likely to see wildlife than people.

Riders should go with licensed guides or inquire locally for current information about trail conditions. Local outfitters can provide horses, equipment and supplies. Trips can range from one or two hours to multiple days.

Whether you're inspired by the intimate tapestry of a patina-stained cliff facade or by the sweeping panorama of a plateau-top overlook, your experience is enhanced when you are in the company of a good horse. To ride these world famous environs is to understand why Native Americans called Capitol Reef "the land of the sleeping rainbow."

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