Horseback Riding in Zion

A trail ride is an excellent way to explore the natural wonderland in and around Zion National Park. Let the horse do the work as it carries you into scenic areas away from the crowds of tourists. This is classic Western scenery and there is no better way to see it than on horseback.

Winters are mild at lower elevations around Zion. In these locations it is pleasant to ride horses year-round.

Wildlife abounds in the Zion area and you'll probably see plenty as you ride - much more than you would see from an automobile. A person on horseback does not spook animals the way a person does when afoot. On horseback you can often get a much closer view of wildlife.

During the main season, vendors provide horseback rides right in Zion Canyon. Just outside the park, horseback rides are available year-round, on both public and private land.

The Zion area includes a wide variety of terrain, from colorful desertscape to narrow canyons to alpine forest. There are riding options here to suite every interest and experience level.

Horseback Riding Tours in Zion

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East Zion Adventures is one of the most popular of the Utah National Parks for guided horseback ridi...
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