Fantasy Canyon

Located less than an hour south of Vernal

Rise up, LARPers! Assemble, ye cosplay enthusiasts! Give me your tired, your weak, your Dungeon Masters yearning to breathe free! Introducing Fantasy Canyon, a real-life (wear sunblock, pasty basement-gamers) red rock arena where you can wage battle against petrified forces of evil.

Man, you haven’t had this much fun since your high school band teacher had a nervous breakdown! And the sci-fi nature scenery’s not bad either.

It only takes approximately 30 minutes to walk through the ravine and view all of the formations.

Getting There

From Vernal, head south on Highway 45 for 24.3 miles.

Turn right onto Glen Bench Rd and head southwest for 12.8 miles.

Continue on Coyote Washington Rd for 4.6 miles and look for the signs.

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