Wild Horse Window

Wildhorse Window is a large natural bridge associated with a cave in the San Rafael Reef, just south of Temple Mountain. The bridge is massive and difficult to photograph, but very impressive when you see it in person. You need moderate route finding skills as you cross open desert country to get to the window.

Temple Mountain Junction

(38.6534, -110.655)

The hike begins just south of the junction of the Temple Mountain and Goblin Valley roads, off Hwy 24 near Hanksville. From the junction, drive south for about 0.3 miles to an unsigned dirt road. Follow that dirt road west for about 0.3 miles to the trailhead.

Wild Horse Window Trailhead

(38.6477, -110.663)

The trailhead overlooks Temple Wash. Follow the obvious trailhead down into Temple Wash and then climb up the far side. On top, look west and you'll see the large cave, which contains the Window. The cave/bridge is also know as the Eyes of Sinbad. Hike cross-country to the Window.

Wild Horse Window

(38.6534, -110.676)

The route is not well defined, but is relatively easy with little elevation gain and no difficult obstacles. Return the way you came, or explore a little up and down the Reef and through Temple Wash.


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