Cha Canyon From Lake Powell

Cha Canyon is a scenic, narrow canyon located in one of the more remote regions on Lake Powell. A small stream flows through the canyon, allowing vegetation and plant life to flourish. Narrow slots, waterfalls and interesting Ute Indian rock art make this a unique hike.

Mouth of Cha Canyon

(37.15945, -110.81299)

The mouth of Cha Canyon is located 11 miles up the San Juan arm of Lake Powell. That is a long ways from any marina and so carry plenty of fuel and supplies.

The San Juan arm of the lake is roughly halfway between Bullfrog and Wahweap. The closest fuel is at Dangeling Rope, which is closer to Wahweap.

Water's Edge

(37.15453, -110.81252)

Boat to the back of the canyon, secure your boat and begin hiking. The length of the boatable section in the canyon will depend on the Lake Powell water level.

Right Fork

(37.1418, -110.815)

As you hike up-canyon, you'll soon come to a fork. The Right Fork offers the most interesting scenery, including old Ute Indian rock art. Semi-wild horses belonging to Navajos are sometimes seen in the canyon.

Hike up the canyon as far as you feel comfortable and then return the way you came in. Alternately, Cha connects to the North Rainbow Bridge Trail, which allows long backpacks in the Navajo Mountain and Rainbow Bridge area.

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