Bear Lake Fun

1217 South Bear Lake Blvd
Garden City, UT 84028

Some people seem to have all the fun. Bear Lake Fun can help make you one of those people! From sea-doos, boats, UTVs and many other rental choices, you'll be having a blast in no time flat.

Summer Rentals

Sea-Doo RentalsChoose from the On-Site Sea-Doo GTS or Off-Site Sea-Doo GTS on Trailer. All sea-doos seat up to three people.Prices range from $189 to $459 depending on the sea-doo and whether you rent for one, two, four, six or eight hours.

Boat RentalsChoose from On-Site 20' Pontoon Boat, On-Site 20' Ski Boat, On-Site 24' Wakeboard Boat. Seats up to 18 people depending on the boat.Prices range from $289 to $1,649 depending on the boat and whether you rent for one, two, four, six or eight hours.

Boat Accessory RentalsChoose from an On-Site Wakeboard, On-Site Wakesurfer, On-Site Pull Tube 1-Person, On-Site Pull Tube 3-Person, On-Site Banana Sled 6-Person, On-Site Fishing Pole, Off-Site Wakeboard, Off-Site Wakesurfer, Off-Site Pull Tube 1-Person, Off-Site Pull Tube 3-Person, Off-Site 8 Hour Rental or Off-Site 8 Hour Rental. Prices range from $30 to $140

Non-Motorized RentalsChoose from an On-Site Water Trampoline, On-Site Water Trampoline Slide Attachment, On-Site SUP Board - Fiberglass, On-Site SUP Board - Plastic, On-Site Kayak, On-Site Kayak Tandem, On-Site Canoe or Off-Site SUP Board - Plastic.

UTV Side by Side RentalsRenting our UTVs is extremely convenient because they're street legal. Drive the UTV right off of our location and onto your destination. Feel comfortable and powerful during your ride on our Can-Am 4 to 6person UTV’s. Helmets, instruction and trail map are included.Pricing -- 2 hrs: $249, 4 hrs: $349, 6 hrs: $419, 8 hrs: $479

Winter Rentals

Snowmobile RentalsThe Ski-Doo 600 Summit Rev 110hp, 146 is an eight hour rental for either one or two riders. One rider price: $279. Two rider price: $299.

The Ski-Doo 850 Summit 165hp, 165 is an eight hour rentals for one rider. Price: $329.


Camping Cabin

This cabin is located at Rendezvous Beach campground. Two night minimum stay required. Sleeps up to eight people. Price: $179 per night or $199 per night with linens.

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