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Experience spectacular views of the Grand Canyon as you raft down the Colorado River. Grand Canyon Expeditions has been an authorized concessionaire of the National Park Service since 1964! That’s 53 years of running river in the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River!

Rafting Trips

8 & 9 Day Grand Canyon Rafting Expeditions (No Rowing Required!)

An out-of-this-world adventure, rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon ranks up there with a safari to the Serengeti Plain or a trek through the Himalayas. The experience is definitely unique. In eight memorable days, you will cover approximately 277 river miles, negotiating nearly 200 exciting white water rapids in safety and first-class comfort. We travel the river differently than Major John Wesley Powell and his small band of explorers did in 1869, but just like Powell and those that followed him, the river and the canyon will be an awe-inspiring spectacle.

14 & 16 Day Dory Expeditions

River rafting excursions through the Grand Canyon have been our specialty for years. Folks love our motorized trip, but we also offer a rowing trip for those who want a longer, more in-depth experience. Since most people raft the Grand Canyon only once, it makes sense to have time to drift, to wander, and to ponder. Our Dory trips are incredible. From the moment we board the boats at Lees Ferry, we feel each boil and eccentricity of the current. We hear, too, the river’s voice, the spiraling call of the Canyon Wren and the growing roar of the next rapid. By running the river in a Dory, time is on our side and lots of it. We have time to visit many of the lesser-known side canyons. We have time to have a second cup of coffee in the morning. We have time to appreciate the billion-year-old rocks in a millions-of-years-old canyon, which let us know that the worries and urgencies of the so-called “real world” are, well, maybe not such a big deal after all. Maybe this is the real world.

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