Ice Castles

2002 Soldier Hollow Ln, Midway, UT 84049

Experience the enchantment of Utah's Ice Castles: Where winter magic comes to life in a shimmering world of ice and wonder.

Typically open during winter months from Late December to Early March. Check the official Ice Castles website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

Ice Castles: Enchanting Utah's Landscapes
Nestled in Utah's picturesque landscapes, Ice Castles captivates with meticulously crafted ice structures, offering immersive winter experiences. A unique blend of artistic ingenuity and natural elements transports visitors into a world of enchantment and wonder.

Creating the Magic:
Ice Castles was born from founder Brent Christensen's backyard ice structure experiments. Evolving into a mesmerizing spectacle, it attracts thousands yearly. The process combines art and science, growing icicles into magnificent structures including towering walls, archways, and tunnels. The result: a breathtaking landscape glistening in the sun and stars.

Winter Wonderland:
Walking through Ice Castles feels like stepping into a fairy tale. Intricate ice formations surround visitors, illuminated by vibrant colors for surreal photo ops and lasting memories. Interactive tunnels, caverns, and slides made entirely of ice provide unique adventures for all ages, perfect for families, friends, and couples.

Seasonal Charms:
Open through winter, Ice Castles thrive in chilly temperatures, maintaining structural integrity. Wanderers witness ongoing construction, observing artisans placing icicles to expand and enhance designs. Themed nights, fire performances, and special events amplify the excitement, adding layers to the experience.

Accessible Beauty:
Located in Utah's heart, Ice Castles benefit from the region's natural beauty. Easily accessible, it's a standalone adventure or part of a winter getaway. Close proximity to other attractions and accommodations ensures an optimal visit to this wonderland.

Adventure Awaits: Ice Slides, Caverns & Archways, Crawl Tunnels
Discover thrill within Ice Castles – plunge down Ice Slides, explore Caverns & Archways, and crawl through enchanting Crawl Tunnels for an immersive pulse of excitement in the frozen enchantment.

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