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In riding a horse we borrow freedom

Discover Unique Trail Rides with KB HORSES

KB HORSES presents an unparalleled trail riding experience that stands apart from the rest. Distinguishing itself by individually knowing and owning each horse, KB HORSES guarantees an authentic adventure for every guest. The equine performers excel in their roles, creating impeccable rides. Scheduled rides are tailored to riders' skill levels, offering private, memorable experiences. KB HORSES' dedicated ranch staff initiates each trail ride with an informative introductory lesson, offering insights into the ranch, equine behavior, and the art of building a partnership with the designated horse.

For beginners and those seeking a secure ride, KB HORSES provides patient horses that offer safety through cooperative partnerships. More experienced riders relish the freedom of exploring rugged terrains on responsive, sure-footed horses that are responsive to every command.

Trail Ride Assistance

Riders aged seven and under, or those needing guidance, are paired with experienced wranglers who lead the horses on foot, ensuring safety.

For the well-being of all participants, KB HORSES reserves the right to offer trail ride assistance when deemed necessary.

Horsemanship Series

KB HORSES offers a comprehensive six-part Horsemanship series consisting of two-hour lessons. These lessons offer invaluable insights into understanding horses' perspectives. Each Horsemanship-101 session combines reading discussions, instructor demonstrations, and hands-on practice, forming the foundation for an enriching journey with these majestic animals. Graduating from Horsemanship 101 opens doors to Horsemanship-201 & Beyond, providing the chance to explore the captivating realm of these splendid creatures.

Private Horseback Riding Lessons

Elevate riding skills with personalized private horseback riding lessons. KB HORSES tailors these lessons to cater to individual goals, accommodating both novices and experienced riders. KB HORSES is the gateway to an extraordinary equestrian journey for those seeking unparalleled riding experiences.

Clydesdale Wagon Rides: A Scenic Heber Valley Adventure

Embark on a picturesque journey across Heber Valley with KB HORSES' Clydesdale wagon rides. Let the magnificent duo of Clydesdale horses, Jake, Elwood, and Brody, transport you, friends, and family through breathtaking landscapes.

Enchanting Pony Playdates

Enjoy a range of engaging activities, from birthday parties to cart rides, pony rides, and lively meet-and-greets with Twinkle and other adorable miniature horses at the ranch.

Pony rides start at $99 for a single rider, with an additional $25 for each extra rider. Create cherished memories with these playful ponies!

Horse Boarding Choices

KB HORSES provides flexible boarding solutions:

  1. Horses that are kept with the herd.
  2. Horses lodged in individual stalls or pens.

Nearby Attractions

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