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As Moab’s oldest climbing and canyoneering guide service, Moab Cliffs and Canyons has earned the reputation of being the area’s Vertical Specialists by safely guiding their clients through some of the most rugged and interesting desert terrains. With their unrivaled collection of unique and challenging adventures Moab Cliffs and Canyons professional guides are committed to providing a deeply rewarding & enriching desert experience for their guests. With Moab Cliffs and Canyons, relax and enjoy the adventure of your life.

Canyoneering Trips

1/2 Day Beginning Canyoneering Trips

The trip lasts about 4-5 hours and can start in the morning or afternoon.

3/4 Day Beginning to Intermediate Canyoneering Trips

This trip calls for a little bit more stamina but is still suitable for people of all skill levels.

Full Day Advanced Canyoneering Trips

If you enjoy being outdoors for long periods and putting forth some physical effort, then this is the trip for you!

Multi-Day Advanced Canyoneering Trips

This trip will definitely give you a full body workout! Requiring physical exertion and stamina over two or three days, this trip is customized to satisfy your thirst for canyon exploration and adventure.

Canyoneering Courses

Level 1 – Introduction to Canyoneering – 1 Day

Our Introductory Course teaches the skills necessary to safely descend canyons as part of a group.

Level II – Intermediate Canyoneering Course – 2 Day

This intermediate course teaches the skills necessary to descend canyons as part of a group, as a competent participant, with the goal of potentially descending easier canyons independently. 

Level III – Advanced Canyoneering Course – 3 Days

This intensive course will review the foundational skills through the intermediate level and progress to include the extensive skills required to be a competent canyoneer.

Rock Climbing Trips

1/2 and Full Day Beginning to Intermediate Single-Pitch Climbing

If you’ve never climbed before, or have limited experience our Moab Cragging Trips are a fun introduction to desert rock climbing. You will learn the essentials and have ample time to ascend the walls and get a feel for the local rock.

1/2 and Full Day Beginning Multi-Pitch Climbing

Looking Glass Rock allows the beginner climber a chance to climb way off the ground and enjoy expansive views. An exciting day for those new to multi-pitch climbing or a grand day of easy-to-moderate climbing for the more practiced.

Full Day Intermediate to Advanced Climbing

In the two decades that we’ve been climbing around Moab, we have sniffed out Moab’s very best climbs at a handful of the lesser known crags. We'll take you to your perfect fit! 

Full Day Advanced Crack Climbing

The absolute best place for jamming, this is your chance to get the beta on how to use every last limb on your body.

Tower Climbing

Full Day Beginning to Intermediate Tower Climbing Trips

Ancient Art is the perfect desert spire for a first foray into the magical sandstone towers of the Colorado Plateau for people who enjoy the challenge of being in a high and airy place and are able to climb at a 5.8+ sporting level.

Full Day Advanced Tower Climbing Trips

This is a big day with diverse climbing, steep cracks, great exposure, airy rappels and unbelievable views 1400′ above the surrounding desert.

Rockaneering Trips

1/2 Day Beginning Rockaneering Trips

We created this unique rockaneering adventure especially for active families who want a fun introduction to roped-rock climbing and rappelling.

Full Day Intermediate Rockaneering Trips

Requiring more stamina than our 1/2 Day Trips, this trip is still suitable for all skill levels who are used to activity and will enjoy the exertion of canyoneering.

Desert Hiking Trips

Easy Desert Hiking 1/2 Day Trips

Steady elevation gain promises a magnificent view-point of the entire Fisher Valley, the Colorado River and the Fisher Towers. Afternoon sunsets here are ethereal

Easy to Moderate Desert Hiking 1/2 Day Trips

A truly memorable 1/2 Day in one of the most unique and amazing places in this desert or anywhere else on planet Earth!

Unique Adventures

Portaledge Adventure

Whether you rock climb and are seeking to expand your skill set, or have no climbing experience and just enjoy the elation of elevation, now you can have your very own Portaledge Adventure.

Full Moon Adventure

Under the light of the moon, from sunset to moonrise, experience the desert as few others have. With easy roped-climbing, fun scrabbling and rappels up to 80 feet, our Full Moon trip is sure to be a night full of illumination.

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