The Rim Rock Inn & Restaurants

2523 East Highway 24
Torrey, UT 84775

Plan your destination vacation and stay near Capitol Reef National Park.

While staying at the Rim Rock Inn, you'll have close access to the park as well as the 10 acres of beautiful landscape, which offers a serene, rustic setting. Enjoy an authentic atmosphere near Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Boulder Mountain, and other great attractions and activities. Enjoy affordable rates, comfortable accommodations, and access to both of Rim Rock Inn's famous restaurants: The Rim Rock Restaurant for fine dining and the Rim Rock Patio for a more casual dining experience.

Nearby Attractions

National/State Parks
  • Capitol Reef National Park
    1.6 miles
  • The Rim Rock Restaurant
    0 miles
  • The Rim Rock Patio
    0.1 mile
  • Chuckwagon General Store/Laundromat
    3.1 miles
What's Nearby
  • Boulder Mountain
    9 miles

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