Utah Tech University

Between the world class scenery and the affordable classes, Utah Tech University is a no-brainer.

Like all great institutions, Utah Tech University has a humble origin story. The settlers of St. George were so eager to learn they started a school in the back of a covered wagon just days after they arrived. From a sagebrush encampment to a 17-acre campus, Utah Tech has blossomed like a rose in the desert. The name has changed over the years, most recently from Dixie State College to Utah Tech University, but the dedication to education is still the same.

With 12,000 students and counting, Utah Tech is affordable while still offering a range of hands-on programs. And it doesn’t hurt that world-renown nature preserves like Zion National Park and Snow Canyon State Park are just a few minutes from campus.

Learning by Doing

When local leaders were deciding on a new name for the university, the word “tech” kept coming up. They were concerned that many college graduates get a degree but are still unprepared for the job market. A polytechnic school like Utah Tech focuses on hands-on learning and on-the-job experience so students are ready for employment right off the bat. For example, students majoring in health sciences get active experience in dental hygiene, nursing and exercise science. Smaller class sizes and a student-to-instructor ratio of 22-to-1 are the norm.

Academic Programs

The word “tech” conjures images of computers and smartphones. But “tech” doesn't just apply to web development or coding. Utah Tech has everything from studio art to chemistry to theater. They offer the full gamut of education, from high school to continuing ed. Their programs include:

From there, students can choose from over 240 programs from one these six colleges:

Utah Tech University’s acceptance rate is 97%, which matches with their mission of inclusivity and access to education for all.

An Affordable Education

At a time when college tuition is expensive and debt from student loans is a reality, Utah Tech University has kept costs down without compromising quality. The price of tuition for in-state students is about half of the national average, according to U.S. News. Utah Tech alumni swear by the value of a degree that didn’t saddle them with debt years into the future. Aside from tuition, the cost of living in the St. George area is lower than Utah’s average.

School, Sun, Sand and Fun

Once a small town in southwestern Utah, the St. George area is projected to have a population of 500,000 by 2050. It’s not hard to see why. With over 300 days of sunshine, St. George is home to swimming pools, mountain biking trails and climbing routes. It's a mecca for students who enjoy the great outdoors in between classes. Zion National Park offers canyoneering and the spine-tingling Angels Landing hike. Snow Canyon State Park is a hiker and road biker paradise, and Sand Hollow State Park is for off-roaders and wakeboarders. For those students who are more into Broadway musicals, Tuachan Center for the Arts puts on a great show at their outdoor amphitheater.

Athletic Programs

Utah Tech is always growing, athletic programs included. They recently advanced from NCAA Division II to the coveted Division I which means that their teams compete at the highest collegiate level. The Trailblazers (formerly known as the Rebels) compete in:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Distance Track
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Cross Country

Utah Tech is all about hands-on learning, so that includes catching a football or softball right? Brooks the Bison, the official mascot of Utah Tech agrees.

While you take a tour of Utah Tech University, make a pit stop in Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park or see the top 20 things to do in St. George.

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