Neumont University

Neumont University is a private higher education institution in Salt Lake City, Utah. The university was founded in 2003 when its founders met with educators and leading employers from around the United States to design an innovative computer science curriculum that better prepares students to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving technology industry. The result is a computer science education that merges academic rigor, exposure to cutting-edge technologies, and relevant professional knowledge through a real-world project-based curriculum.

The mission of Neumont is to provide a professional education that is rich in ideas, current in industry best practices, and deep in technological insight from the input of industry-leading partners. The university is committed to a collaborative learning process, a quality learning environment, contributing broadly to students' lives, and bringing value to the enterprises with whom it partners. Neumont graduates are known for their technology expertise and business acumen, their capacity to innovate, and their motivation to succeed.

Neumont teaches students through a combination of interactive lectures and projects in small classes led by industry-proved faculty. Student learn new concepts through a problem and project-based pedagogy. They complete a sequence of projects, which begin in their core courses and conclude with real projects for real employers. Students have completed more than 272 projects with 71 different companies like IBM, Bosch, and eBay.

Neumont is a fully-accredited institution with ACICS. Neumont offers 180-credit Bachelor of Science degrees which can be complete in 2.5 years. Students attend classes year-round with breaks between each 10-week quarter.

BSCS: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

BSGD: Bachelor of Science in Software & Game Development

BSIS: Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

BSTM: Bachelor of Science in Technology Operations Management

BSWD: Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Development

With 80% of all freshman students coming from outside the state of Utah, Neumont students live on campus or in university-sponsored housing within one-mile of the academic center. The University offers clubs, organizations, and activities that take advantage of its downtown location and proximity to Utah's five national parks.

The university is focused on assisting students in networking and preparing for solid careers after graduation. To ensure students are on the right path for professional success, Neumont has developed a system of career preparation, which includes courses focused on professionalism and communication paired with one-on-one counseling to outline and achieve students' long-term goals. The school reports 97% of graduates are employed within six months of graduation. The average starting salary for a Neumont graduate is $62,600.

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