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Snow College has a rich tradition of preparing students to meet their futures since 1888. The two year state-run liberal arts college now has two campuses in Central Utah, one in Ephraim and one in Richfield. Snow College has always been proud of its small size. The school offers personal attention in some of the smallest classes available in higher education. The faculty members enjoy being able to get to know their students on a first name basis, and the students reap the rewards of getting to know their instructors. Snow is also proud to be the least expensive college in Utah.

Snow's rural location is a wonderful setting for a college community, far away from the problems common to many urban areas. Students, and their parents, like the fact that Snow is not only a safe and comfortable environment, but it's also known for providing strong academic programs. The specific mission of Snow college is threefold: 1) to educate students, 2) to inspire them to love learning and 3) to lead them to serve others. There is a real feeling of 'family' at Snow. Many of Snow's students are representing the third or fourth generation of their family at the college. Students are prepared to either enter the workforce with their associate degree and certificates or move right into the programs at the university level, with junior standing. Some of Utah's biggest universities tell us that Snow graduates transfer to their schools extremely well prepared and motivated. Students who graduate from Snow have little, if any, trouble transferring to any Utah school they choose and being accepted into the top programs in the country. Snow offers 64 areas of study ranging from Accounting to Zoology.

The performing arts, academic clubs and student organizations offer world-class participation to incoming students that isn't available to freshmen and sophomores at larger schools. The 12 performance groups have been honored across the intermountain west. The athletic programs are consistently ranked among the best in the country. The marketing and forensics teams are perennial national champions. The variety of recreational facilities and intramural sports make enjoying a physical collegiate life easy and accessible. The cultural opportunities also abound at Snow.

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