Flint Hill Trail

The Flint Trail begins on Highway 95 between the Dirty Devil and Colorado River bridges. Traveling northeast, it makes a couple of huge detours around the branches of Rock Canyon, turns a corner around the jutting prow of a mesa and then heads northeast over the Andy Miller Flats. Looking to the east, one can see the chasm of the Colorado and just beyond that the yawning mouth of Dark Canyon. To the west soars the towering wall of the Orange Cliffs. The road continues northeast between the Orange Cliffs and the Colorado's Cataract Canyon onto Waterhole Flat, passing along the way The Cove and the Black Ledge to the west and Red Point to the east. Thirty-two miles from Highway 95 you arrive at a signed junction. The track to the west leads over Sunset Pass and into North and South Hatch Canyons of Dirty Devil River country.

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