Northern Utah Fishing

Bear Lake

Contains lake trout (mackinaw), cutthroat and rainbow trout; Bonneville cisco; Bonneville and Bear Lake whitefish. Stocked with fingerling cutthroat and lake trout. Elevation 5,990 feet. Near Garden City via U.S. 89 and Logan or follow Utah highways 16 and 30 north from Evanston, Wyoming. Road goes north from Laketown around the east shore. Two state parks, campgrounds, boat ramp, picnic areas, motels, cafes and boat rentals. Often very good for cutthroats during the winter and spring, with some fish up to about eight pounds. Cisco netting is popular about mid-January. The lake trout also get big, 20 to 30 pounds. Check the proclamation for special regulations.

Bear River

Contains rainbow, cutthroat and brook trout and Rocky Mountain whitefish in Summit County; brown and rainbow trout, whitefish, carp and suckers in Rich County; channel catfish, walleye, largemouth bass, yellow perch, green sunfish, whitefish, black bullheads, and crappie in Cache and Box Elder counties. Runs through Idaho, into Utah near the town of Cornish, south into Cutler Reservoir, southwest and east of Tremonton through Bear River City to the Great Salt Lake. Various facilities are available in the nearby towns. From Corinne to the Great Salt Lake the river is fished heavily for catfish that run up to 30 pounds. Use standard catfish baits and fish right on the bottom. Almost all private ground. Landowners will keep it open as long as the place isn't trashed and respect is shown for the property.

Big Spring Creek

Contains cutthroat trout. Tributary to Bear Lake. Check the special regulations.

Birch Creek Reservoir

Contains rainbow and cutthroat trout. Elevation is 7,000 feet. Located about 60 miles east of Ogden on U-39 and 10 miles west of Woodruff. BLM campground. No boat launching facilities.

Black Fork River

Contains brook, rainbow trout. North slope of Uintas. Access through Wyoming.

Blacksmith Fork River

Contains brook, cutthroat, brown, rainbow trout; whitefish. Take U-101 east of Hyrum (south of Logan) up Blacksmith Fork Canyon. Forest Service campgrounds. Some access problems, mostly private land.

Chalk Creek

Contains rainbow, brown trout. Mostly all private land and managed by fishing clubs. Little public access.

Cutler Reservoir

Contains largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, walleye and a few perch. Access on highway 23 between Newton and Junction.

East Canyon Creek

Contains rainbow and brown trout. Mostly private land, limited access. Portions are closed during the winter months.

East Canyon Reservoir

Contains rainbow and brown trout. Stocked with fingerlings. Elevation is 5,674 feet. Along U-66 about 10 miles south of Morgan or about 40 miles east and north of Salt Lake City via 1-80 (Parley's Canyon) to U-65 turnoff, then north to East Canyon. State park, boat ramp, campground, showers. Popular ice fishing lake. Shore fishing slows down in the summer - fish early or late for best results from shore.

Echo Reservoir

Contains rainbow and brown trout; channel catfish. Stocked with catchables in the fall. Elevation is 5,500 feet. Take I-80 from Salt Lake or I-84 from Ogden to Coalville. Resort, camping, picnicking. Private boat ramp. Limited foot access. Heavy water skier use.

Echo Canyon Creek

Contains brown and rainbow trout. Access off of I-80. This stream has been altered by the placement of I-80 and consequently contains limited numbers of fish. It also silts up easily after storms.

Farmington City Reservoir

Contains rainbow trout. Access off of Main Street in north Farmington. Heavy use. Stocked almost every week all summer long.

Holmes Creek Reservoir

Contains bass, bluegill, walleye and crappie. Access off of Gentile Road in Layton. Private property. No boats or float tubes, no swimming, no camping.

Hyrum Reservoir

Contains rainbows, perch, bluegill and bass. Elevation is 4,700 feet. Located beside the highway west of Hyrum. State park, modern restrooms, boat launching and docking facilities, camping. Minimum bass size 15 inches.

Kaysville Ponds

Contains bass, bluegill, catfish, rainbow trout. Stocked throughout the summer with trout. Bass fishing can be fast. Access in Kaysville right off of I-15. Too small for boats. Float tubing for bass might be fun.

Little Dale Reservoir

Rainbow trout. Catch and release only. Artificial flies and lures only. Open during daylight hours only, April 1 through October 31.

Locomotive Springs

Contains rainbow trout; a few largemouth bass. Access south from Snowville 21 miles on graveled road or I-15 to U-83. Near Corrine take paved road to graveled turnoff to Cedar Springs. Follow graveled road about 20 miles. No facilities; primitive camping.

Logan River

Contains rainbow, brown, brook and cutthroat trout; Rocky Mountain whitefish. Forest Service campgrounds throughout the canyon (along US 89); also motels and cafes. No access problems, mostly public land. Special regulations above Card Canyon Bridge. Check the proclamation.

Lost Creek

Contains rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout. Most of the area along the stream is private and access can be a problem. Limited camping. Special regulations above Lost Creek Reservoir.

Lost Creek Reservoir

Contains rainbow and cutthroat trout. Closed to fishing from 10 pm to 6 am daily.

Mantua Reservoir

Contains largemouth bass; bluegill; rainbow trout. Special regulations on the bass. Take U.S. 89-91 from either Brigham City (north) or Logan (south) near the town of Mantua. Many facilities close by. Limited foot access, mostly private land. Lots of weeds by mid-June.

Newton Reservoir

Contains rainbow trout, channel catfish, bluegill, perch, tiger musky and bass. Access between Clarkston and Trenton on Hwy 142. Minimum bass size 15 inches. Tigers, 40 inches.

Ogden River

Contains rainbow, brown, cutthroat and brook trout. Stocked with catchable rainbows. Access east of Ogden along U-39. Various facilities along the river. Some areas of private land. South Fork often has good fishing for rainbow and browns. About one-half private land. Several campgrounds in area.

Pineview Reservoir

Contains largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, perch, bullheads, tiger muskie and a few trout. Fishing can be real fast for the perch and crappie. Try the upper arms near the inlets. Some private property. Boat ramp and camping. Heavy recreational boat use. Check the regulations.

Porcupine Reservoir

Contains kokanee salmon; cutthroat, brown and rainbow trout; splake. Access south of Hyrum on U-165; southeast of Avon follow the East Fork of the Little Bear River to the reservoir. Surrounded by private ground, access by graded dirt road. No launching facilities. Limited camping in area. Check the regulations.

Rockport Reservoir

Contains rainbow and brown trout, smallmouth bass. Elevation 6,000 feet. Access south 1 1/2 miles from Wanship on U.S. 189. State park, campgrounds, picnicking, as well as nearby motels and cafes. Check the regulations.

Smith-Moorehouse Reservoir

Contains rainbow trout. Stocked with catchables and fingerlings. No access problems. Boat ramp and camping. On Weber River above Oakley.

Stoddard Slough

Contains rainbow and brown trout. Special regulations. Artificial flies and lures only.

Twenty First Street Pond

Contains rainbow trout. Access off of Twenty First Street in Ogden. Stocked heavily in the spring and again in the fall. Popular place to take the kids. Excellent ice fishing in the early winter.

Weber River

Contains rainbow, brown, brook and cutthroat trout; Rocky Mountain whitefish. Stocked with catchables through the summer. Take Interstate 84 east from Ogden. River follows the road. The river has been dammed to make Echo and Rockport reservoirs. Campgrounds, picnic areas, and motels and cafes in the nearby communities. Much private ground.

Wales Reservoir

Contains largemouth bass. May be drawn down in dry years.

Willard Bay

Contains walleye; channel catfish; largemouth bass; black bullhead; black crappie, wipers, gizzard shad and perch. Elevation is 4,220 feet. Access is available along the south end by exiting off I-15 at the Pleasant View exit, then west and follow the signs to the inlet channel. Access to the north end is off I-15 at Willard. State park campgrounds, boat ramps, modern restrooms. Good walleye fishing. Good catfishing all summer (best in late evening or night). Popular ice fishing area for crappie. Gets heavy boat use (water skiing) during the summer. Fish early or late. Special regs on gizzard shad.
Woodruff Creek Reservoir - Contains cutthroat trout; Rocky Mountain whitefish. Elevation 6,700 feet. Southwest of Woodruff. Travel on U-39 about 60 miles east of Ogden. No camping facilities, small boat gravel launch site.

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