Bald Mountain Summit

Bald Mountain (elevation 11,943 ft) is one of the easiest mountains in Utah to summit. It is located along Hwy 150 in the Uinta Mountains. The highway winds over Bald Mountain Pass (elevation 10,693 ft), where the trailhead is located. From there you gain only 1250 feet as you hike about 2 miles to the summit.

Views from Bald Mountain Pass are impressive, and they become spectacular as you climb to the summit. You have a clear view of Mirror Lake, located just to the east, and a dozen other lakes in the western part of the Uintas. You also have great views of other towering mountain peaks.

You are hiking above the tree line and so there is no shade. The sun burns skin quickly at high altitudes so wear a had and use sunblock. Carry water with you.


(40.6885, -110.904)

From Kamas, drive Hwy 150 about 29 miles east to the signed trailhead and parking area at the top of Bald Mountain Pass. From there follow the signed trail as it climbs switchbacks up the ridge.


(40.6993, -110.903)

The trail is well marked and easy to follow. It goes along the ridgeline to the summit. Enjoy the views there and then return the way you came up.

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