Strawberry Narrows Trail


Strawberry Reservoir inundates a canyon, which connects the "Strawberry" side of the reservoir with the "Soldier Creek" side. The canyon is called "The Narrows." Hillsides above the water are heavily forested and scenic, with views through the trees and out over the reservoir. Wildlife is abundant here.

The Narrows area is not accessible by automobile. You can only see it by hiking, mountain biking, or taking a boat into the canyon.

The Narrows Trail follows the lake's south shoreline between the Renegade boat ramp and the Aspen Grove boat ramp. The trail is fairly long (12 miles one way). To hike its entire length you would need to arrange for a shuttle to meet you at one end. You can shorten it to any length you desire by doing an out-and-back hike from either trailhead.

Renegade Trailhead

(40.12429, -111.15274)

To reach the Renegade Trailhead, drive Hwy 40 to the reservoir and then take the signed Strawberry Bay Marina turnoff. Follow the road along the west side of the lake. Instead of turning into Strawberry Bay, continue south. The road follows ridges above the reservoir and winds around to Renegade Marina.

From the Renegade boat ramp, follow the obvious trail east across a sagebrush flat and then into the forested canyon.

Aspen Grove Trailhead

(40.131843, -111.038418)

To reach the Aspen Grove Trailhead, drive Highway 40 to the east side of the reservoir and take the signed turnoff for Aspen Grove. Follow the road along the reservoir shoreline and across the dam to the boat ramp.

From the boat ramp, follow the obvious trail along the reservoir's south shoreline.

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