Castle Valley Ridge Trail

Castle Valley Ridge is an Advanced Rider 19 mile loop trail which is steep in places. This area of Castle Country is an excellent example of a trail system in the Manti-La Sal National Forest created by various Government agencies, as well as local volunteer groups, clubs, businesses and organizations, working together for recreation development. The Energy Loop: Huntington Canyon National Scenic Byway area of the Wasatch Plateau is one of the best mountain biking areas in the State. Scenic vistas, wildlife, and clean air are in abundance. This trail traverses the Castle Valley Ridge in an outstanding combination of dirt roads and singletracks. Along the way there are outstanding views of the valleys 3,000 feet below, as well as the Book Cliffs and the San Rafael Swell to the east.

Directions: From Price, travel by car 19 miles south to the town of Huntington and proceed 20 miles up Huntington Canyon along State Highway 31 to Nuck Woodward Canyon. Enjoy the gorgeous mountain scenery as you continue on the road as it heads east and branches off just past a ranger's residence. Proceed up Woodward Canyon along FR 110 to the trailhead about a mile up the road, where you will be able to park your vehicle. There are pit toilets here, as well as trail information and a registration book. Be sure to sign in before beginning your biking tour.

Your ride begins from the trailhead, following FR110 east. In less than a mile you can see where the trail rejoins the road at the end of the loop. Here the road steepens and deteriorates, bending to the north. After about 6.5 miles, look for the Ridge Trail #068 branching off on your right (east). Follow this singletrack along the ridge for the next 9 miles. You will gain 1,200 feet along this sometimes rocky and technical trail. Along the way, don't miss the outstanding views of the lower valleys and the Book Cliffs and San Rafael Swell to the east. Follow the ridge trail until you reach Little Park, which has a water trough and corral. Take the trail heading west down a steep and rocky trail back to FR 110, and then left at the road returning back to your car.

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