Harvey Trestle Loop

This Harvey Trestle Trail route explores the terrain to the west of Price and passes sandstone spires, towering cliffs, and deep gorges, as well as petroglyphs, waterfalls, and a massive railroad bridge. The area's history is rich in mining and is near the route upon which Butch Cassidy made his getaway after robbing the Castle Gate Mine in 1897. Deer and Elk are abundant in this area, and you might notice hawk and eagle if you dare to look upward. This is a 28 mile loop which is classified as an advanced trail.

Directions: The ride begins near the Holiday Inn on Westwood Blvd. off the North Price/Exit 241 of US6. Ride west on Westwood Blvd. continuing through the stop sign. Follow the road northwest and through a 4-way stop. Westwood becomes Gordon Creek Road soon after. At the next 4-way stop, turn left (west) staying on Gordon Creek Road. After about a mile, Pinnacle Peak Road, an unsigned dirt road, branches off to the left. Follow it up through Pinnacle Canyon, passing the canyon's impressive namesake rock formations on the left. After climbing a short distance out of the canyon, the ride rolls along the Porphyry Bench. Bypass the several spur roads staying on the main route. Follow the road to the railroad tracks, but do not cross the tracks. Instead, take the road to the right (north) that parallels the tracks. Drop down into a shallow gorge and across a small creek, continuing on the main road. After a short distance, drop down another short, steep section into the Gordon Creek Gorge. Upstream from here are waterfalls; downstream are petroglyphs; and above is the massive railroad trestle. Pass under the bridge and through the creek, climbing a short distance out of the gorge. Here the trail follows the railroad for about 4 miles, before reaching the paved Consumers Road. Turn right (east) and follow the road for 3 miles to US 6. Turn right (south) on US 6, being cautious of traffic, and follow the highway 5 miles back to Exit 241 where you started.

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