Little Cottonwood Creek

This trail runs along Little Cottonwood Creek, from the mouth of the canyon upstream for about 3.5 miles, paralleling the road.

The trail is mostly wide, smooth single-track, but there are rocky spots. Also, small streamlets may cross the trail in spots, even during the heat of summer, and they can make riding tricky. The steep grade, rocks and water combine to add difficulty, making this trail suitable for intermediate riders.

Snow usually melts from this area by mid-April, but there may be muddy spots.

You can usually ride the trail into November.

The canyon is beautiful and attracts visitors, even on weekdays. You'll probably encounter hikers and other bikers along the trail, so be courteous.

Little Cottonwood Creek Trailhead

(40.571821, -111.777539)

The trailhead is located in the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Trails upper end

(40.570517, -111.717067)

Most people ride up and then back down. Alternately, you can use a shuttle to just ride one way - work your muscles going uphill or just enjoy the downhill.

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