Mountain Biking in San Juan County


If you thought mountain biking in Moab was two-wheeling heaven, just you wait until you take the time to drive an hour south of slickrock to one of the state’s best-kept, locals-only secret: Monticello (not to be confused with a founding father’s estate). You’ll gain a couple more thousand feet, and approach the jumping off point to epic trails all to yourself. Come ye two-wheelin’, non-moto travelin’, full-suspension lovin’ and hardtail preachin’ enthusiasts.


Biking + Camping

San Juan County is the largest county in the state, and it’s crisscrossed with dozens of old fire and mining roads that are perfect for long stretches of complete solitude--no humans for miles and miles (which can either terrify you or exhilarate you). You can be smugly proud of yourself for going the self-supported, self-tortured and self-proving route.

Behold, The Abajo Mountains! You want single track? There’s plenty. In the mood for riding side-by-side on a double track? Gather ‘round and partake.



A mix of single-track and two track loam awaits as you descend through the forest across two mountain streams and into a meadow. Then you’ll scream down a rollercoaster descent into a fire swamp, and out the other side into desert rocks.


Descent on a rugged two track trail: wicked-fast & rocky.

Tight corners, some tech gnar scattered baby head sections and erosion gaps.

A hidden gem 12 miles south of Monticello and 8 miles north of Blanding.

On-site and near-site camping available.


A slight huff to the top will cap you out at about 10,800 feet, and then you’ll drop 2,800 feet in short order on this techy, ledgy, rocky DHers dream.


Similar to Robertson’s Pasture, but it’s significantly quicker from start to finish.



Super sandy, and best for fat tire bikes or after a rainstorm when trails are packed.


Locals pinned “the Pit” as a quick road trip pit stop and local city park.

Great for beginners as well as for more seasoned riders.

Flowy trails with a couple of rocky/tech sections.

The area’s trails and terrain are continuously developing and improving.

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