Stansbury Island Trail

This steep and rocky trail goes up and over Stansbury Island, on the south end of the Great Salt Lake near the town of Grantsville. This trail can be ridden year-round, since snow melts quickly from the island. Spring and fall are ideal times to ride, but it can make an enjoyable outing on a mild winter day.

The southern half of the island is open to biking/hiking but use it light. You may not see another person on your trip. The northern half of the island is controlled by mineral companies and is not open to the public.

This is a fun trail. It can be dangerous because it is steep and rocky, with gravelly surfaces on the edge of sheer drop offs. If you aren't up to the technical challenge then ride as far as you are comfortable and walk your bike across technical sections, or simply return the way you came.


(40.806397, -112.52054)

Most people ride this as a loop, starting on the west side. Alternately, you can have someone pick you up on the far side of the mountain, shortening the ride.


(40.797351, -112.513297)

You ride through a saddle to cross to the southern side of the mountain, at an elevation of about 5,000 feet. That's about 780 feet above the trailhead. You then descend switchbacks that are challenging, even for advanced rides.

Return On Roads

(40.789125, -112.520602)

Trails and dirt roads crisscross the foothills on the southern part of the island on the island, offering opportunity to shorten or lengthen rides.

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