The Whole Enchilada Trail

The Whole Enchilada is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a trail with a lot of filling, a lot of cheese — and it will certainly fill you up. If you’re fit and you’ve got the experience, the stamina (and enough water), you’ll be riding one of the top mountain biking trails in the entire country. But beware: this is a long one and considered extreme, and best for expert, accomplished mountain bikers (or crazy people).

Trail Type: Biking

Length: 34 miles point-to-point

Location: La Sal (just outside Moab), UT, Geyser Pass Rd Trailhead

Difficulty: Strenuous/Technical

Elevation Change: 1,283 ft. ascent, -7,794 ft. descent

The trail is 34 miles point-to-point, and includes Burro Pass, Porcupine Rim and Hazard County trails with incredibly scenic views of the La Sal Mountains and beautiful wildflowers during the summer. Before diving headfirst into The Whole Enchilada, it would behoove riders to first ride Porcupine Rim to get a feel for the trail and the difficulty level. Also, parts of the trail (Burro Pass) usually doesn’t open until July 1st and closes late September once it starts snowing.

Most people use a shuttle service for drop off and pick up.

Best time to go: Spring, Summer, Fall

Self Shuttle: Leave one vehicle at the Negro Bill Trailhead, and drive the other to the Geyser Pass Trailhead.

Shuttle Companies:

-Porcupine Shuttle: (435)260-0896

-Whole Enchilada Shuttle: (435)260-2534

-Coyote Shuttle: (435)260-2097

-Moab Cyclery: (435)259-7423

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